Increase Sales

Short applications with instant approval and funded within an hour.
No financial documents required in most cases.
Approvals for credit scores as low as 550.
Typically there is no down payment.
Soft costs are financed. (tax, install, and more)

Instant approval

Determine which clients are real clent’s instantly. Stop wasting time with clients that are unapprovalble. 

Closing in one hour

Clients are closed before they have a chance to have second thoughts.

Best of all

Have the ability to approve any client that is  declined.

APU Loans has the easiest loans to get approved
since we approve loans down to a 550 FICO score.

The few loans we do decline can be approved by vendor request. Sometimes you have a client that is un-approvable buy any finance company, but the client may be important to close.

Any loan our vendors request to be approved (assuming it’s legal) will be approved by GU Loans (parent company). 

GU Loans will allow up to 20% of your closed loan volume by dollar to go to funding otherwise unclonable deals.

If your shop closes $100,000 of loans approved by our standard approval process, you can request up to $20,000 of un-approved loans to be funded and closed regardless of how bad the clients credit profile is in five easy steps.


Have Client fill out instant application.


If client is declined. Call us to force the approval.


We will verify you have enough loan volume to force the approval.


Your client will be emailed an approval.


Close deal.

Terms on vendor approvals are as follows. Client will need to bring $295 doc prep fee to closing along with the first monthly payment.  Financing will be over two years. Take total financed amount and divide by 20 to calculate monthly payments. Example: a $5,000 total purchase would have a $250. monthly payment ($5000/20 = $250) with the client bringing $545 ($250 first month payment plus $295 Doc prep fee) to closing. 

Licensed and Bonded

California finance lender license #60DBO-80352 under parent company Westfield Funding, LLC

Minimum Credit Score 550*

*Companies open less than a year old will need a 650 FICO.

No recent bankruptcies or 90 day lates .

No Money Down

Installation, Tax and Delivery are all financed.

A $5000 APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) may be finance for $99 monthly  

A+ BBB Rating

Please look under our parent company Westfield Funding DBA GU Loans to see our excellent ratings.